About Us


We're all about diggin' in and giving back to save our furry mates. Here, it's not just about looking good, but also about chucking a lifeline to the true-blue Aussie legends - our wildlife.

Our Fair Dinkum Story

Our family's been living the dream, sharing our digs with creatures great and small. And, crikey, aren't they some real characters! Ashlee, our own lil' wildlife warrior is ready to make a go of it. She's the whipper snapper with a heart of gold, determined to give every joey and jittery guinea pig a fair shake of the sauce bottle.

Throwing Your Support Behind Every Stitch

Every frock, shirt, or pair of daks you snag from us helps keep our backyard buddies fighting fit. We're not spinning a yarn here - your dosh goes straight to our wildlife rescue: food, vet bills, and even the odd tucker supplement.

The True Blue Cost of Caring

Look, rearing these ankle-biters is dear as poison. Each wombat bub costs a couple of grand to get from pouch to paddock. We're talking the whole kit and kaboodle: grub, meds, and a safe place to crash until they're ready to tackle the wild. And let's not forget the elbow grease - our fam and mates chip in more hours than there are flies at a barbie.

Good ONYA! for Your Help!

We're bloody stoked with your help, mate. Because of legends like you, we can keep this show on the road. We're here to yarn, laugh, and share the stories of our furry friends finding their paws, all thanks to you.

So, grab a stubby, have a squiz at our gear, and let's make a difference one good-lookin piece at a time.

ONYA Legends!